Was Silverstone the moment the intensity of this rivalry went up a notch?

“How long do you think it’ll be until the gloves just come off?” asked an unnamed man behind the camera.

“I reckon about two o’clock Sunday afternoon in Austria,” answered Christian Horner. But with a playful smile, the Red Bull team principal wasn’t sounding totally convinced of his answer.

That was five minutes into Drive to Survive Season Three Episode Two.

Horner and his rival Toto Wolff are shown walking down a corridor later in that episode discussing Mercedes’ controversial Dual Axis Steering (DAS) system. …

What did we learn from this era-defining competition?

Over the course of 31 days, there were 142 goals, 11 own goals, six red cards, 23 runners-up and one champion.

Italy bested England 3–2 on a penalty shootout, after 120 minutes failed to separate the teams at Wembley.

A remarkable and dramatic tournament finished when Gianluigi Donnarumma saved Bukayo Saka’s penalty. The 22-year old stood up and basked in the triumphant glory of what he had achieved as his teammates rushed to celebrate with him.

The Italians bookended this journey that we all went on together, opening the tournament with a…

An alternative way of playing Fantasy Football

Nobody really likes to hear about someone else’s Fantasy Football team. Every conversation is incredibly inane and the lack of any real tension involved makes the entire affair totally tedious.

When someone proclaims that of course player X scored while he was on their bench, it is a really bizarre example of the world being against someone, and when they nail a triple captaincy for a midfielder who goes on to score a hat trick, who else but that person could be so clairvoyant?

What really stings with these conversations is that the…

Where does everyone stack up after an intense triple header?

The Summer Break is around the corner, with only Silverstone and Hungary coming up between now and the four week pause in the middle of the season.

The last three races saw the first triple header for 2021. Two Grands Prix at the Red Bull Ring in Austria were preceded by a thrilling race at Paul Ricard. Proof that anything is possible.

The Championship lead was extended by both Max Verstappen and Red Bull, meaning there is no change at the top of the Unofficial Definitive Driver Power Rankings.


The two car makers are set for talks over new engine regulations. What happens next following Saturday’s meeting?

It was reported on Monday by Tobi Grüner of AMuS that the 2022 Formula One engine manufacturers (Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and Renault) will all be meeting on July 3 to discuss the next generation of engine regulations.

The next gen of car designs haven’t even arrived yet and the teams have already started preparations to discuss the next huge evolution of the sport.

The engines play a massive role in the current F1. Introduced in 2014, Mercedes have dominated the V6…

Crystal Palace, Everton and Tottenham all find themselves manager-less as July approaches. How big of a mess are they in?

The new Premier League season kicks off in seven weeks. Brentford host Arsenal on Friday August 13, but, as you may have noticed, the European Championships are the major focus of the sport currently.

There will only be 33 days between Euro 2020 ending and that first league game kicking off.

For most clubs, this is fine. While the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea, etc. will potentially be missing players who went deep into the competition, they have the strength…

A tight championship battle puts the docu-series in a position its never been before. How will it handle the pressure?

Seven races into the 2020 Formula One season, Lewis Hamilton led the driver’s standings with 157 points. Max Verstappen trailed by 47 points and Valtteri Bottas was adrift from his teammate with only 107 points.

Hamilton went on to win a seventh world championship. Such was his dominance that his points total was enough for him to win the constructors championship as well.

This meant that the most dramatic narrative arc of the season came from who finished fourth in…

Saturday’s near-tragedy was a wake-up call that athletes deserve better

Saturday evening’s Euro 2020 game between Denmark and Finland was a traumatic experience. Broadcast live, in Ultra HD, everyone was witness to the near-death experience of Christian Eriksen.

The Danish and Inter Milan midfielder collapsed on the Copenhagen pitch at roughly 1840 local time and it wasn’t until he was stretchered off the pitch that TV broadcasters decided to cut back to the studio.

That meant cameramen and TV directors spent the guts of 30 minutes looking for the all-action camera angles and zoomed-in perspectives of Eriksen receiving life-saving treatment.

Max Verstappen and Red Bull finally have their partner-in-crime to challenge Mercedes on both fronts with.

The decision to bring in Sergio Perez to Red Bull was a surprising one. By the time the deal was officially announced it made a lot of sense, but go back to that pause enforced by the pandemic in 2020 and no one would have predicted the Mexican to be driving alongside Max Verstappen anytime soon.

Despite numerous podiums at Sauber and Force India/Racing Point, Perez had seemingly missed his chance at a big team after his disappointing stint with McLaren in 2013.


Here’s how the pecking order stands following Round Six of the 2021 F1 Season

The Formula One calendar is a mess at the moment, with the cancellation of Singapore this week throwing further question marks over just how many races we have left in this 2021 season.

However, we do know that we’ve managed to get through the opening six races of the season and there is now a two week break before the first triple header of the season.

That means it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate and update the Unofficial Definitive Driver Power Rankings of F1 Drivers 2021…

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